Sectors we work in

We work with a wide variety of clients in terms of budget size, service requirement and location. This diversity is reflected in the number of sectors and industries we have experience in, each of which comes with different needs and challenges during the project and after. You can read more about our sector experience below.


Our experience in the residential sector is widespread and our installation teams are experienced at delivering comfortable and attractive housing of all shapes and sizes. Past residential projects have included student accommodation, luxury residences and apartment buildings.

Residential MEP solutions


Retail fit-outs and construction projects provide a unique set of challenges in terms of limiting the impact on our client’s businesses. However, our project management skills and professional approach will ensure disruption is minimised and the project is a seamless experience. We have experience in high street stores, shopping centre stores and department stores.

Retail MEP solutions


The commercial sector can include complex electrical networks and building services for a wide variety of premises, with appropriate lighting, ventilation and temperature conditions vital for the comfort of the end user. Our expertise means we can help you achieve an attractive and functional result.

Commercial MEP solutions


The right electrical and mechanical solutions are key for our clients within the leisure industry. Sports venues, gyms, theatres and galleries all require comfortable and enticing atmospheres, pleasing aesthetics, and the right conditions for patrons. We’re experienced in understanding and dealing with these end user requirements.

Leisure MEP solutions


Working with clients in the industrial sector can necessitate unusual solutions, but we’re happy to think outside the box. Whether you need complex electrical, plumbing, heating or building works, we work with our clients to produce a result that meets all their functional and aesthetic requirements.

Industrial MEP solutions


No projects require a more considered and dedicated approach than those in the health sector, with patient care during the project and in the long-term of the utmost importance. We are able to adapt our own ways of working around these considerations, and deliver an end result that provides the appropriate environment, reliable facilities and the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

Healthcare MEP solutions


Safety and reliability is also a key requirement of the education sector, alongside budget and time constraints. Modern educational buildings can be complex, requiring a multi-discipline approach, but our focus will always be on creating a space that’s safe for children without compromise.

Education MEP solutions

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