In recognising that our activity has an impact on the environment, we’re committed to reducing that impact through the adoption of a planned and coordinated management system.

Our Pledge

Among the many ways that we aim to act responsibly, we ensure that all current and anticipated environmental legislation relating to our industry is fully understood and implemented, and that all employees are fully aware of our environmental objectives and have the knowledge and resources to meet their specific responsibilities.

When it comes to day-to-day operations, we give due care and attention to environmental considerations when making decisions about new developments, purchasing new equipment and machinery, as well as selecting materials which can minimise impact whilst also meeting specific environmental performance requirements.

Our Approach

We also ensure that all duties are met under the Site Waste Management Plans Regulations 2008 with a view to reducing our waste, and actively work to reduce the consumption of water and other natural resources, including reducing energy consumption and the production of CO2 as much as possible.

All of these commitments are measured with detailed, quantified and realistic objectives and targets, and we also communicate our policies to customers, suppliers and other organisations in order to encourage their active support and involvement.

Environmental Responsibility