We have established an ISO 9001-compliant quality management system in order to continuously improve our systems and procedures and achieve our goals as a business.

Professional service

For our customers, this means ensuring their requirements are fully understood and met, that they always receive a professional and quality service while any complaints are dealt with efficiently and within an acceptable period of time, and that their satisfaction remains inherent to our business.

High standards

For our staff, it means maintaining clearly defined standards for all work carried out, ensuring they are fully trained and have the skills and resources to fulfil their duties, and knowing that they not only have an important part to play in quality management across the business but are responsible for managing how we can improve today, tomorrow and in the long term.

Finally, it also means only using external services that meet our own quality assurance standards.

Electrical and Mechanical building solutions

The quality system has been implemented into the TNA management system and is reviewed at regular intervals.