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what we do

At TNA we understand the importance of how Mechanical & Electrical services can enhance the end users experience of a building. As a team we strive to build excellent relationships with all personnel involved in the design, development and delivery of any projects. Our TNA design team work closely with all other onsite services to ensure all requirements are highlighted at the earliest opportunity avoiding any unnecessary delays.

We ensure our designers are kept up to date with the latest software packages and training courses to ensure we are always at the forefront of any design works and legislation changes. Using our in-house design team we can self-produce clear and detailed working drawings to ensure all members of the project have clear and concise information prior to the installation. Working closely with all other services enables any requirements they have to be picked up during our design proposals.

We are confident and proud that all our projects are designed and built with the end user in mind. We offer support throughout the entire length of the project to all site based operatives for peace of mind and can assure we leave buildings comfortable and well lit.

Our Accreditations

Quality is a degree of excellence, which is ever changing. Every member of staff is involved in managing how we can improve today, tomorrow and long into the future.